ChatGPT and Friends Workshop: How Generative AI is Going to Change Everything

Was held on March 23rd 12 noon - 2pm @ KMi Podium 4th Floor Berrill Building and online

Workshop Replay

Art generated by DALL E 2
Image created by DALL·E using phrase: "How Generative AI is Going To-Change Everything"
Art generated by DALL E 2
Image created by DALL·E using phrase: "Line art of robotic head with circuit brain"

ChatGPT and related technologies, such as DALL E 2 and Stable Diffussion, are attracting a lot of attention at the moment. Current demonstrations and applications have shown how the technology can, for example, pass the US Medical Licensing Exam, automatically write and document code, and write poems and songs as well as generate art.

This workshop brought together over 250 OU staff from a wide range of areas to discuss the implications of the technology for the Open University. The link to the replay can be found above. The Agenda below contains all the presentations. If there is sufficient interest we may hold a later workshop to discuss the ethical implications.


Each item has a link to the presentation

ChatGPT and Friends Agenda
Time Title Presenter Unit
12:00 Introduction and basics of ChatGPT / GPT-3 / GPT-4
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John Domingue Knowledge Media Institute
12:10 ChatGPT: Safeguards, trustworthiness and social responsibility
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Shuang Ao Knowledge Media Institute
12:15 But can it make decisions?
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Lucas Anastasiou Knowledge Media Institute
12:20 ChatGPT attempts OU TMAs
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Alistair Willis School of Computing and Communications
12:25 Five key learnings from our use of Chatbots
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Barry Verdin Student Support Innovation
12:30 Experiments with ChatGPT
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Chris Douce
Read the Blog
School of Computing and Communications
12:35 Bring textual wishes to life
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Christian Nold School of Engineering and Innovation
12:40 Interactive Session
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State of the Art Aisling Third Knowledge Media Institute
Core-GPT Matteo Cancellieri and David Pride Knowledge Media Institute
12:55 ChatGPT and assessment
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Dhouha Kbaier School of Computing and Communications
13:00 Can students self-learn with ChatGPT?
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Irina Rets Institute of Educational Technology
13:05 Chat GPT– Content Creation with AI
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Manoj Nanda School of Computing and Communications
13:10 Student Writing and Tutor Assessment Practices (SWaTAP)
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Maria Leedham School of Languages and Applied Linguistics
13:15 Developing playful and fun learning activities
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Nocole Lotz School of Engineering and Innovation
13:20 Variational autoencoder for microstructure generation
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Rongshan Qin School of Engineering and Innovation
13:25 ChatGPT interests
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Tony Hirst School of Computing and Communications
13:30 "I am the artist Riv Rosenfeld" - How ChatGPT is your new neoliberal friend
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Tracie Farrell Knowledge Media Institute
13:35 Open Discussion
14:00 Close


Photo of Lucas Anastasiou

Lucas Anastasiou

PhD Research Student
Photo of Shuang Ao

Shuang Ao

PhD Research Student
Photo of Matteo Cancellieri

Matteo Cancellieri

Lead developer – Open Research
Logo of OpenAI


Logo of Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion

Photo of John Domingue

John Domingue

Professor of Computer Science
Photo of David Pride

David Pride

Research Associate
Photo of Aisling Third

Aisling Third

Research Fellow


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